About Nicole Moan

Nature has always been a driving force in my work. My most used mediums come from Mother Earth. Both clay and glaze are gifts from Her and I strive to honor that by handling them with loving care to create and express ideas through art. I work in ways to create the least waste that I can in both art and in life, often making jewelry or beads with any surplus and adding solar panels to my home to lessen the impact my kilns make on the environment.

When DG Smalling invited me to team up on this show, nature called to me, guiding me through my first couple of pieces. As a Two Spirit woman I also wanted to bring light to the epidemic of MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women), the broken promises of this nation, and the beauty that exists in the unique and vibrant Indigenous cultures in a modern way. 

- Nicole Moan

© 2020 Oklahoma Hall of Fame
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